Sunday, February 28, 2010


Okay okay. So, I have a huuuge love for pretty dresses. And that's ironic 'cause when I was little- I absolutely refused to wear dresses. I remember I had to go to a wedding when I was about 7 or so and was super upset that I had to wear a dress. But now! Ooh! I loveee them. I'll even wear them to school in the middle of winter (which I have).

Anyway, here are some cute dresses I've come across lately. If you know any cute stores- let me know!
(found at Anthropologie)

(found at Fred Flare)

(found at Modcloth)

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  1. all those dresses are SO CUTE. ughh. i want them all! i used to hate dresses too when i was a kid. and now i wear is skirts and dresses a TON. we just didn't know what we were missing out on...