Monday, March 22, 2010

I cannot believe..

I found this!! I've been looking at the Liberty of London online at Target for a whileee and everything is always sold out. And when you search for it in stores, it says sold out. Anyway, I went to Target today to grab some onesies and such and came across the most ADORABLE blanket in the world! I'm soo happy about it! :) I only have a twin bed, but I got the queen. For the following reasons:
1: I'm /so/ gonna want to use it even when I'm older and have room for a larger bed.
2: Who doesn't love a huge comfy blankey?

Well, I'm off to design some more onesies in the comfort of my new love! Haha

Seeee ya!

One of my onesies!

I'm soo excited to get my little shop started.
I've been taking Indie Business 2.0, and I love it :)

Here's a little peak of one of my lines of onesies:

The plan for today is to take "shop-worthy" photos.
Very excited! :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Knit knit knit.

I've been working on this scarf for /thee/ longest time. I'm so determined to finish it! I've never finished a knitting project in my life. (Yes, I have started many)

I had no idea how to take a picture of a scarf with Photobooth, so that's what I came up with. Haha! It's almost halfway done. Soo excited!

Well, I'm off to bed!

Home. Sick.

Hmm.. I'm at home sick. :/ No bueno. But! I did come across some funny photos that my friend sent me! (: So, I have a science teacher that always wears these really dorky 'old man sweaters'. You know the kind. So! 2 of my friends that are in my class and I wore total dorky sweaters one Friday.He even let us take a photo with him, but it turned out blurry):
But I'm sure my mom will greatly appreciate it. Haha!

While we're on the topic of me dressing awkwardly at school.. Why not share me wearing a mustache the entire day?

Oooh, goodness.. I wore that mustache the entire day and it left a mark when I took it off. Haha! Worth it!

Well! I'm off!

Sunday, February 28, 2010


Okay okay. So, I have a huuuge love for pretty dresses. And that's ironic 'cause when I was little- I absolutely refused to wear dresses. I remember I had to go to a wedding when I was about 7 or so and was super upset that I had to wear a dress. But now! Ooh! I loveee them. I'll even wear them to school in the middle of winter (which I have).

Anyway, here are some cute dresses I've come across lately. If you know any cute stores- let me know!
(found at Anthropologie)

(found at Fred Flare)

(found at Modcloth)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Well, now..

I finished a page for Scrapjacked! Ahh!
I miss scrapbooking so so much.

Off to scrap some more(:

I suggest you check out Scrapjacked. It's soo inspiring. This round ends the end of the month (tomorrow, I believe), but another round will come up again on the 15th! I also like to go around and look at previous layouts that they 'jacked'.

Well! See yaaaa!

The Hudsucker Proxy

Photo found here

So! I'm in a little thing called GI (Group Interpretation) at my school. It's kindaaa like a play. But we do characters in groups and we also go around the state and compete. It's pretty neato! But it's taking up sooo much time. I've been at school 'til 8:30 almost every night.. *sigh* Very tiring.

Anyway! It's called "The Hudsucker Proxy". Now, I've never seen this movie, nor have I ever heard of it. But I like it so far!

Well, I'm off to scrapbook for the first time since summer! Yay!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

One morning..

I'll do exactly this. 'Cause my first thought this morning was how I wish it would just be super sunny and warm this morning. And while searching around on We Heart It I found this. Suuper jealous!

Well! Off to school. Bai!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Buy me these? Haha! They're so adorable!

And this is just sooo cute :

I loveee hand embroidery! And you'll be informed of that soon enough (;


I haven't done it in a while.. High school just grabbed me and took over everything. Agh! But- I do get to every once in a while. So here are a few that I did a while ago but never uploaded..

I also made a huge scrapbook for my bestfriend over the summer- if I can get a hold of it, I'll be sure to upload it!


Friday, February 19, 2010


Blaah! Don't get me wrong, I actually don't mind school! But the past few weeks have been going soo slow- I can't wait for the summer to finally be here. The sunshine did look super pretty though. Here's a cute little picture I took with my phone. I mean.. not with my phone. Haha.

Well! I'm off to bed. Gotta wake up early for class tomorrow. See yaaa!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Senior photos

So! I've offered to take my bestfriend's senior photos.

(Photo of her from last year)

..Therefore, I've been searching on Flickr for ideas. And since I live in Chicago- there are so many places to take photos. My friend, Jen, took this photo of me in an alley way in Boystown.

It would be awesome if you guys would maybe post some links of senior photos that either you've done, or some that you've found along the way! Thaaanks!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


I have a 'slight' obsession with owls. And, well, I'd do just about anything to have my yard look like this.

Not much to say, I've just been super busy and came across that photo while browsing We Heart It.

Hope you guys had a super Valentine's day!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hefty news!

(Gotta love the thesaurus!)

I'm not able to provide pictures just yet, 'cause I have no idea where my camera is, but!
I'm starting an Etsy! (again)
I've had an Etsy in a past, but really had no idea what I wanted to do with it.

Now I have a few ideas that I really like and am soo excited to get started!

I'll let you guys know when I start putting things up.. I've been craftin' like a mad man!

Well, that's it for now!

Here's a picture of my best friend and I trying to be sentimental before my sister's wedding. Haha. Obviously we just can't..


Sunday, January 31, 2010


I said that this would be a post of things I want in my future humble abode.. But I have lost the folder! ): I am the most upset! Fortunately! Here are some that I saved on my desktop! (all from ModCloth. Adorabbleee)

Gosh. Well! It's absolutely freezing in my room (just the way I like it), wishing I had this cutie and this cutie. N*Sync days, heck yeah!

In a few, I'll be crafting up a storm. & I'll try to post a little peek of what's in store tomorrow! (:

Seeeee ya!

Lazy Sunday

(wake up in the late afternoon!)

Haha, I actually woke up at 8.. But! I thought of this skit today, and my friend and I used to watch it all the time. I haven't seen her in soo long! It's weird, though.. 'Cause she literally lives about a block down..

Super bummed. Not doing a darn thing today. Maybe I'll clean! *gasp*

Ahh, I've been looking at a bunchh of apartment stuff. It's all just so pretty! Yanno what? I'll post some of my favorites that I've found later on.

But first!That's my cat, Jingle. My best friend and I have a slight obsession of taking pictures of her when she sleeps. Haha! That sounds so creepy, actually.. But she's just so cute!

Haha, alright! Lolololttyl!Brb!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cowboys -vs- Indians

Ahh. So, this week was spirit week at school (for Winterfest), and of courseee- I was the only one who dressed up! ): Haha! Anyway, today was "Western" day. So my friend came up with the idea that we should dress like Indians since everyone is going to be a cowboy. Yada yada yada. She didn't dress up, everyone was a cowboy(/girl), and people actually got mad at me.. Ooohh it made me laugh though. It's the good old rivalry, right?

But besides thatttt.. I'm starting to put together my portfolio to bring to some of the art colleges (especially SAIC !). I know I know.. Close to impossible school, but why not give it a shot?

Here are a few so far:

Thanks! (:

Monday, January 25, 2010

16 Things I Like

Ahh, so, today was a tricky day at school. It went by sooo slow! Therefore- I found it hard to concentrate. Then that one song from The Sound of Music popped in my head.. Then this idea came to be.. (:

Well! I am 16- so, I found it fitting to show 16 of my favorite things!Mario Kart.

Stickers [& Wreck This Journal (I so suggest it!) and Hello Kitty]

My Mac laptop. (& Oli Sykes, and Blink)

The Office (Totally cried during Jim & Pam's wedding)

Glow in the dark ceilings stars!

Cute dresses.
OPI Nail Polish.

Cute cameras (Especially Polaroids!)

Taking the train (I take Saturday classes at an art college downtown, it starts back up soon- so exciteddd!)


Flannel (& cute couple photos)

Mail (Cutest mail I've ever seen)

High heels.


Woodgrain (esp. wood laminate) & Last, but not least- Cupcakes!

(All photos found at