Monday, January 25, 2010

16 Things I Like

Ahh, so, today was a tricky day at school. It went by sooo slow! Therefore- I found it hard to concentrate. Then that one song from The Sound of Music popped in my head.. Then this idea came to be.. (:

Well! I am 16- so, I found it fitting to show 16 of my favorite things!Mario Kart.

Stickers [& Wreck This Journal (I so suggest it!) and Hello Kitty]

My Mac laptop. (& Oli Sykes, and Blink)

The Office (Totally cried during Jim & Pam's wedding)

Glow in the dark ceilings stars!

Cute dresses.
OPI Nail Polish.

Cute cameras (Especially Polaroids!)

Taking the train (I take Saturday classes at an art college downtown, it starts back up soon- so exciteddd!)


Flannel (& cute couple photos)

Mail (Cutest mail I've ever seen)

High heels.


Woodgrain (esp. wood laminate) & Last, but not least- Cupcakes!

(All photos found at


  1. Love your blog!! Thank you so much for visiting mine! I can't wait to keep reading your blog! I totally agree with everything on this post!!!! Stickers, Hello Kitty, Jim & Pam! love it!

  2. I love this. What a great idea. Hope your blogging goes well.